Will Metal Detector find Brass?

Will Metal Detector find Brass?

Metal detectors are excellent tools for discovering lost items and hidden treasures. But first, you need to know what you’re looking for when choosing a metal detector. Buried metal can have different shapes sizes and compositions.

One common uncertainty is whether a metal detector can identify certain metals. When buying something expensive, it’s crucial to research metals that can be detected and those that can’t. This will mentally prepare you for the limitations of your device.

The question you are probably wondering is will metal detector find brass?. Lets find out:

Since brass is an alloy, people often wonder whether a metal detector can detect it. This article will provide a detailed answer to this question: Will metal detectors find brass?

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What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy made from zinc and copper, both of which are non-ferrous metals. Therefore, brass is also a non-ferrous metal. It has significantly lower conductivity compared to other metals.

 Metal detectors can detect electricity-conducting metals like copper, brass, and aluminum by sensing the eddy currents they create.

Brass, compared to copper, has less favorable conditions for bacterial growth. This property makes it an ideal material for bathroom accessories, door handles, and medical products.

Due to its bright, gold-like appearance, brass has long been a popular material for decorations. It is commonly used for cabinet pulls, door knobs, and other decorative items.

Because of its low melting point, workability, endurance, and good thermal and electrical conductivity, it is widely used in making utensils.

Why is Everyone Confused Will Metal Detector find Brass?

People are often unsure whether a metal detector can detect brass due to its low conductivity. The answer is yes, depending on the composition of the items.

Thanks to technological advancements, most metal detectors are capable of detecting brass.

If a device claims to detect gold, it can also detect brass. Brass has relatively high electrical conductivity compared to tin and iron. It has a similar conductivity to zinc.

When a metal detector sends out magnetic waves, brass objects create an electric current. This helps the device find them precisely.

People who use metal detectors enjoy finding valuable brass items that have been used for a long time. Some of the oldest artifacts, such as coins, jewelry, and armor, are made of brass.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to use metal detectors to locate them. 

Brass is a type of metal that doesn’t conduct electricity well, but that’s its only downside. Brass conducts better than stainless steel or lead. Older or cheaper metal detectors may struggle to find brass.

Brass is Used in Many Decorative Items

The alloy brass, formed by combining copper and zinc, is among the most commonly used alloys due to its unique qualities. It finds its use in countless industries and products due to its flexibility.

Brass can be found in numerous relics and artifacts

People use brass items like sculptures, candle stands, pots, platters, and coasters to decorate their homes. The visual qualities of brass make it a preferred material for decorative applications.

Its coloration can range from pale gold and silver to almost red. Brass is commonly used for home dishwashing fittings and light fixtures because it looks nice and fights bacteria.

If You Want to Ignore Brass

At times, it may be undesirable to detect unwanted objects. If you find a bullet or something worthless, use a notch filter to stop the detector and save time.

By identifying the target ID on your screen, you can easily filter out brass items if you wish to avoid them.

How Much Depth Can a Metal Detector Provide for Brass?

The depth a metal detector can detect brass depends on the size of the targeted object. The composition of a product also affects the detection depth. The way an object is positioned affects how easily it can be detected.

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Popular Metal Detector Finds Made of Brass


During metal detecting, you can discover coins made of brass. The historical value of a coin increases when it is ancient.

Keys and Locks

Sometimes people misplace their keys in places like beaches, parks, or playgrounds. A metal detector can help locate these keys.


Brass statues, weapons, and decorative items such as candle stands and coin collection jars are examples of relics made of brass. Numerous ancient cultures used this metal to create various statues.

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Will Metal Detector Detect Brass —Yes, metal detectors equipped with advanced technology can detect brass. I hope this article has provided you with answers to all your questions.

Now that you know that metal detectors will indeed help you find brass artifacts we would recommend you research some more on digging techniques and before you embark on your hunt be sure to thoroughly investigate the place you are going to be metal detecting in.

Have a safe metal detecting journey!

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