Who Sells Metal Detectors?

Many people start metal detection as a hobby and buy metal detectors just to explore nearby places and know the answer to the question “Who sells Metal Detectors?”.

People purchase these devices and then search in places like parks, beaches, and historical areas to find metals like gold and silver, or maybe antiques, coins, or relics from the past.

Once people decide to buy a detector, they explore the official companies that sell metal detectors. Visiting the market and exploring third-party websites of the companies that sell metal detectors is the next step.

In order to purchase the best and original device, we will share our personal experience with you. We’ll tell you about “Who sells metal detectors” – the authentic sources.

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Types of Sellers Who Sells Metal Detectors

Now we will discuss the types of sellers that sell metal detectors.


These people manufacture the entire equipment from raw materials to finished goods. They have their production facility and are also involved in developing the technology.

You can easily obtain 100% branded products from manufacturers of metal detectors. However, buying from manufacturers has one drawback.

Manufacturers may not be able to sell a product directly if a buyer wants just one.

But they can fulfill individual orders if they have the facility of a retail outlet or an e-commerce store. In that case, they can ship the products within their country as well as globally.

Authorized Distributors

Authorized distributors distribute the original metal detectors manufactured by specified manufacturers.

They have well-established setups for selling detectors in their respective regions. They maintain stocks of different brands or they can be exclusive distributors of one particular brand.

Manufacturers endorse these authorized distributors to sell products on their behalf internationally. Distributors can sell original brands in their country.

They must also offer after-sales services, warranties, and spare parts.

Importing from a foreign country is not an easy task. It involves various technicalities and customs procedures. To facilitate the layman, these distributors play a vital role.

Authorized distributors are the trusted middlemen between the manufacturer and local customers. Additionally, they understand the local demand and preferences.

Third-party Sellers

Sellers are not directly connected to the manufacturers. The function of sellers is to sell goods in exchange for cash. They sell various products like clothes, jewelry, and fashion items.

They display the products, including metal detectors, so customers can order from their stock.

One downside of buying detectors from sellers is that they may not have expert knowledge. For this reason, they cannot advise or suggest a specific metal detector to buy.

You have to shortlist the device yourself. The most popular third-party seller stores are Amazon eBay, etc.

Affiliate Marketers

The fourth type is affiliate marketers, or we can call them neutral types. Affiliate marketers promote metal detectors by sharing them on social media platforms. They earn a profit whenever a buyer uses their affiliate link.

Their function is to direct people to the third-party seller. Affiliate marketers have some knowledge about the product.

They know about the product from personal experience or online research through recommendations and videos.

Users can visit the affiliate marketers’ websites and get suggestions about buying the best metal detector. After going through their website, users can purchase the recommended product.

As these marketers promote the brands, they receive a commission from the third party for marketing their product. Through social media, they can also provide personalized opinions.

Local Merchants

Local merchants are not part of any established delivery network. They are a distinctive category of individuals who operate independently. They do not work for manufacturers, sellers, authorized distributors, or affiliate marketers.

They arrange their own stocks and bring those stocks to their own country. They may or may not pay taxes on the goods. If the taxes are unpaid, then the product is illegally smuggled.

They do not provide a warranty or guarantee for the product. Likewise, it can be a duplicate or replica of the original device. The manufacturer is not accountable if the user chooses local merchants to buy their product.

Local merchants operate in areas where authorized dealers have no access. Minelab distributors operate worldwide. However, Minelab has not yet launched in Ghana.

So these local merchants form groups and sell smuggled products in African countries.

Once you are fully aware of where to buy the authentic deceive, it is also important to know How to choose a metal detector. Always follow the proper steps to buy a metal detector mentioned in this blog post to minimize the chances of errors in your purchasing decision.

Where to Buy Metal Detectors and Why?

  • Local merchants operate in areas where authorized dealers have no access. Minelab distributors operate worldwide. However, Minelab has not yet launched in countries like Ghana. So these local merchants form groups and sell smuggled products in African countries.
  • If we talk about authenticity, then manufacturers always come first. They should be the buyer’s top priority.
  • If manufacturers are not available, choose authorized distributors as the second option. They reside in your area and have a good understanding of local needs, regulations, customs, and duties. They can provide you with extensive guidance based on your requirements.
  • If you want a product with a warranty, then only manufacturers and authorized distributors can provide it.

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We discussed the sellers of metal detectors and explained the process of buying from different sellers.

  • It’s important to choose manufacturers because their products are unique and come with a warranty.
  • Authorized distributors are the second-best option. People can buy from them when manufacturers are not available in their region.
  • Buying from sellers is the third option, and it works fine when the user has already shortlisted their desired product.
  • Users can benefit from affiliate marketers’ websites as they become familiar with the best metal detectors.
  • Local merchants are not a good choice because the product may be a copy or smuggled. Moreover, they lack a warranty and guarantee.

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