When was the metal detector invented? 

While cleaning my metal detectors, I started wondering if they were as sophisticated from the beginning. I started thinking about whether the different models looked similar to their original designs.

I became curious and eager to learn more about when was the metal detector invented? I embarked on a research journey to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Metal detectors, the tools we use to detect hidden objects, have a long and fascinating history. Scientists wanted to create a machine that could locate hidden objects underground. This desire arose after the development of electricity and other significant inventions.

However, an incident from history played a role in inspiring the invention of metal detectors. Today, we are here to share the knowledge we have collected and researched for you.

But before we get started with how metal detectors were invented, let us first explain who invented the metal detectors.

Who Invented The Metal Detector?

In the past, a significant event happened. This event inspired the scientist Alexander Graham to create a metal detector. Alexander was motivated to invent the metal detector because he believed in the saying, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

Here are the details of the incident:

  • US President James Garfield survived an assassination attempt.
  • The doctor was unable to locate a bullet lodged inside the president’s body.
  • Alexander took it upon himself to invent a device capable of detecting the bullet within the president’s body.
  • Unfortunately, at that time, the doctors dismissed Alexander’s suggestion.
  • The reason for rejecting Alexander’s help was the president’s security concerns, as they were unable to trust anyone at that stage.
  • But because the president was in danger, they let Alexander help after considering everything.
  • Alexander tried to find the metal bullet at first but couldn’t. His second try also didn’t work. He noticed that the many metal wires were making it hard for him to find the bullet.

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  • The doctor tried hard to find the bullet but eventually gave up and moved the president. Regrettably, President Garfield passed away due to his deteriorating health.
  • In 1881, Alexander created a metal detector prototype. This prototype led to the development of future metal detection technologies.

Gerhard Fischer:

In 1925, Gerhard Fischer invented a portable type of metal detector. His invention improved metal detection technology and set the stage for future advancements.

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We hope this article has helped you understand when was the metal detector invented, along with the history and the initial invention of the metal detector.

In this guide we have answered when was the metal detector invented. Metal detector’s history and how invention came to be.

Engineers have made constant improvements in metal detection tech. They are also trying to develop a device that can detect stones since there is currently no underground stone detector.

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