Things Found On The Beach With a Metal Detector

If you have ever visited the beach, you may have spotted people with devices in their hands. Have you ever thought about what purpose they could have? It’s not just about walking around for no reason.

You may be surprised about why these treasure hunters chose the beach as their hunting site. It’s because many valuables get washed ashore to the beach and get burried under the sand.

If you are lucky enough to find one object on the beach, you will have the highest probability of running into other objects in the same area too. In this article, we will share some of the most common things found on the beach with a metal detector.

We recommend you buy the best metal detector for beach exploration so that you can find more with less effort.

We recommend buying a metal detector best suited for the beach, as it’s terrain is a little different and a metal detector built specifically for it will yield the highest results.

what types of Things Found On The Beach With a Metal Detector

The list of items that can be found on the beach is as follows.


Coins are the most frequent items to be found on beaches. They can be gold coins, silver coins, copper coins, etc. They can be found in abundance, either as currency or historically valuable items.

Rings And Jewelry

At the beach, people can find bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wedding rings, gold rings, or cheap metal rings. However, these are not readily available, and the treasure seeker should show patience while trying to hunt for them.


There might be chances of coming across buried weapons on the beaches such as knives, blades, or daggers. Whenever you find such weapons, hand them over to the authorities. Keeping yourself safe and away from any dangerous event is important.


Trash consists of items like cans, bottle caps, and medicine packaging, among others. It’s disheartening when people litter in such areas. These trash items are abundant at beaches, making the environment unclean.

Throwing cans and bottles could cause problems for treasure seekers. As a metal-detecting hunter, you must be patient enough to face abundant trash items.

Antique Items

Antique objects such as utensils, relics, or any other items of historical worth can also be found on the beaches. They are not a usual find, but you might get one or two of them after regular hunting.


Children accidentally dump their toys at the beaches. They could be present at a shallow depth and could be another useless find for you.

Hair And Dental Aids

Senior citizens often use hearing aids that contain metals. Losing such metal aids at the beach is highly probable. Moreover, dental aids also contain metals such as brace components and artificial teeth, which might be lost on the beach.

As a result, people might keep finding these metal things over and over again, which wastes their time and serves no purpose.

Here are some Tips for metal detecting on the beach to find more valuable items.

Why Is It Important To Know About Things Found On The Beach Beforehand?

  • Choose a suitable device that meets all the requirements for detecting at the beach.
  • Do not keep high expectations of finding big treasures at the beach. It is a public place, but it is not the perfect place for bigger finds.
  • Be prepared to dig a lot as you might discover small but not yet very valuable finds. You should not be saddened by the small discoveries but keep on hunting for optimized and good results.
  • Enjoy the process even if you do not find anything valuable. You are doing such a hobby for pleasure, not to stress yourself out.

Some Significant Things Found On The Beach

Underwater Bracelet

Local lakes can sometimes turn out to be the best place for hunting. During a hunt on the deep and shallow sides of the lake, Matt Kwiatkowski found not one but three precious jewelry objects.

A 14-carat gold bracelet, a 10-carat man’s ring, and a 10-carat girl’s ring, all in one day. It was the most valuable find for him during his experience.

Saving A Family Heirloom

While scuba diving, a couple lost their important wedding ring, which was a family treasure passed down for three generations. Justin Packwan was hired to find the ring. He recovered the ring on a 40-ft scuba dive. The ring was safely returned to the couple.

Sometimes, people attach feelings and importance to objects they lose, like metal detecting finds. These objects can be more than just ordinary.

Tips For Metal Detecting At Different Parts Of The Beach 

Beaches are large areas, and it is not possible to hunt every spot. If you are wondering about the best possible spots for beach detection, then you should go for the following.

  • Dry sand is where people hang out to dry themselves, relax, freshen up, or eat something. Coins are exchanged at these points. People could unintentionally misplace their jewelry while relaxing.
  • Sports venues like volleyball courts or gaga ball pits are where people play. While doing these activities, they could unintentionally misplace valuable things such as coins, rings, or necklaces.
  • Access points, bathrooms, restrooms, food courts, and parking lots get more traffic and yet have more chances of lost metal items.
  • Shady places where people go to relax after spending a lot of time in the sun. Their relaxation can result in the loss of their metallic items.
  • The site of the beach that runs side by side with the ocean is a place with coins and treasures. Never be shy to explore it.

Learn more about secrets of treasure hunting here.


Various objects are found on the beach. In my experience, coins and jewelry are often found at crowded beaches where people go to have fun. Due to getting engaged in fun activities, people often lose their precious stuff.

Things found on the beach with a metal detector include coins, rings, earrings, necklaces, weapons, antique items, and trash. It is hard to find treasure in such a place.

Choose the best detector for beach detection. Take it as a fun activity and do not get disappointed when you find nothing.

Try busy sites on the beaches where people access their ways such as dry sand areas, parking lots, shady places, and food court areas.

We hope that you understand about metal detecting on the beach and about the potential things you can find there with a proper metal detector best suited for this situation.

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