Places to Metal Detect Without Permission

Metal detecting is a hobby that is gaining interest and attention in present times. Some pursue it as a hobby in their free time, mainly on weekends, while others consider it a profession. Some people are interested in collecting historic objects for exhibition.

But remember just because you do not need permission to metal detect in some places does not mean that can be disrespectful while metal detecting.

First, you must research the areas where you want to detect a specific object. Also, remember to think about places to metal detect without permission. These areas make you feel calm and relaxed, so you can search for things in a smart way.

Why Do You Require Permission?

Many beginners often question why permission is required. The confusion arises because there are many areas that are owned by individuals as their property. If you detect and collect valuable items there, it would be difficult to determine the owner. To avoid problems later, ask for permission from relevant authorities or owners as per guidelines.

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Places to Metal Detect without Permission

Here are some areas and regions where you can metal detect without permission:

Private Property

To detect things, start by checking your private property, like your backyard and front yard. Similarly, if you have a house or any such property that was in your and a few people’s use, it is an ideal place for metal detection.

You can use metal detectors on your own properties without asking for permission. Anything you find belongs to you.

Properties Of Friends And Family

Similar to your private property, you can detect properties owned by your friends and family members. You can simply talk to the concerned friend or relative and begin your activity.

Whatever you find will belong to you, and if you decide to share it among yourselves, that would be your personal decision as well.

Public Schools

You can use metal detectors in public schools without permission or with a simple request. Only the school administration can allow you to investigate in these areas. You can complete your task easily there.

Stadiums And Carnivals

We mentioned before that metal detection works well in stadiums, carnivals, and other public areas. The chances of finding something valuable are higher due to frequent visits by people.

So, you can take your metal detector to these places and quietly conduct your detection task without permission.

Public Beaches

Another highly recommended and productive place for metal detection is public beaches. Since many people visit beaches on weekends, the chances of them dropping or forgetting their possessions are quite high. You can use a metal detector at public beaches without asking and without bothering people.

Here are some Tips for metal detecting on the beach.

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Other Water Bodies

Water bodies such as seas, lakes, and oceans are also rich sources of metal detection. Many individuals take their detectors while scuba diving to conduct underwater detection.

You can detect shipwrecks or incidents with higher productivity without permission.

Abandoned Localities

Besides beaches and public areas, abandoned places are also great for metal detection. You typically don’t need permission, and when needed, it’s straightforward.

Old Mines

When detecting in former battlegrounds or potentially hazardous areas, prioritize safety. These locations have metal objects, bullets, or ornaments. Permission is typically not required. However, if you come across something hazardous, it’s important to alert the authorities to prevent potential harm.


Before you start looking for metal, do your research on the area and get any needed permits. Follow the guidelines to have a smooth research experience. Additionally, consult local hobbyists and experts for their experience and related information.

And to get some practice before you get serious about metal detecting, start with properties you own, like your backyard.

Finally, you can join the Metal Detectors Club or other groups to share information and learn from others.

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