Most Expensive Metal Detector Finds   

Most Expensive Metal Detector Finds   

Exploring the intriguing world of metal detecting, a popular hobby and profession for many, requires the use of a metal detector. These extraordinary instruments can detect both ferrous and nonferrous items buried beneath the earth’s surface.

While metal detectors can find hidden treasures, they cannot evaluate their worth. In this post, we’ll look at some most expensive metal detector finds, highlighting the most precious artifacts ever discovered using this equipment.

Types Of  Metal Detecting Finds

Here is a list of a few finds that are considered to be the most expensive metal detector finds based on certain factors and they are as follows;

Historical Coin

Metal detectors can easily detect coins made of silver, gold, bronze, or any other metal, regardless of size. Long ago, people saved money by burying coins in the ground to keep them safe.

You may find coins from the current currency. Collect and decide if you want to convert them to notes or keep them for collecting.

Many people can find historic coins that belonged to old cultures and civilizations. These coins may only be worth a few pennies, but their historical value comes from being buried for many decades.

This makes them as significant as historic coins. So, they are one of the most expensive metal detector finds as they are sold for a handsome amount due to their historic significance. If you are fond of collecting coins check out these metal detecting tips for coins.

Historic Relics

After the coins, which are an expensive find holding variable sizes, come considerably bigger finds that are termed the relics. Relics are things like military items, valuable religious objects, and jewelry with historical meaning.

Detectorists frequently find war artifacts like bullets and weapons. These come in various designs and have different functions.

To uncover such items use the special metal detector for civil war relics. Although these war relics may no longer work, they hold historical value and are often bought in large quantities.

Similarly, many come across statues that have some religious or spiritual values attached to them.

So, in such cases, the people interested in purchasing agree to pay the amount of money the dealer is asking for. They may share the same religion or be interested in collecting historic religious items.

Other common historic finds are utensils and jewelry with a history preserved on them. In the past, people made jewelry and utensils with figures and buildings, which made them special.

Many people are interested in buying historic items, so they highly recommend and appreciate them.


As we know meteorite is a unique form of stone that falls from space into the earth. Metal detectors do possess the capability to detect these as well.

But keep in mind not all types of meteorites are detectable but only those with higher amounts of iron or other metals. 

So, it rarely happens that a detectorist comes across and detects these items. Because of this reason, and because they are significant, add them to the list of unique and expensive metal detector finds.

Due to the uniqueness and value attached to them, they are frequently wished-for items that many people want to attain.

Many people want fancy items for their homes and will pay any price to get them. So, they are next on the list of the most expensive metal detector finds.

Finds Of High Emotional Value

Finds of high emotional value can be items with religious or spiritual significance. They could also include statues that are admired.

People who share the same faith take the find seriously because of their emotional attachment. They prefer to buy expensive historic finds.

Another important factor is locating sentimental jewelry, like family heirlooms or engagement rings. As they are such objects to which people are emotionally attached in one another way and protect them to their fullest.

So, detecting such objects and then selling them at the required rates makes them appear as expensive finds.

Pirate Loots

Pirate loot is very valuable because it includes rare and historic objects that are expensive and sought after.

As we know back in time and even now in some places and areas people and traders preferred sea routes to travel by themselves or their goods.  

Metal detectorists can find valuable and prestigious items from pirate loot. That is if pirate loot is found during shipwrecks due to uncertain conditions.

As such objects are expensive and then on the other hand highly demanded so the dealer could make a handsome amount out of a single object.  

Old Royal Treasure

As the name suggests they are the most expensive and highly wanted objects due to their royal and historic association.

If the detectorist finds these objects, they can sell them at a high price because they are valuable historic items that many people want. So, it is an addition to the above list of the most expensive metal detector finds.

Old Currency Finds

As mentioned above the way of preserving savings was quite different back in decades. Metal detectors can find buried coins, no matter how deep or how long they’ve been there.

However, the more time it has covered in the burial adds value and expensiveness to it. A lot of people enjoy collecting coins from various civilizations.

It is because they find archaeology fascinating. So, they do purchase them and this is why they are highly demanded and frequently purchased objects.

Gigantic Gold Nuggets

Gold is an expensive find as we all know, similarly, metal detectors can detect the gold nuggets available in any form and size. Jewelers and other interested people buy pure, raw gold because it’s natural and valuable.

Giant gold nuggets are very large and pure, which makes them expensive. People buy them because they are valuable. Keep in mind not all detectors can detect nuggets but only special metal detectors for gold nuggets can detect them.

Most Expensive Metal Detector Finds

The Bronze Statue Of Hadrian

Metal detectors are such devices that do not just enable you to find some metal items and so but also allow you to discover history in another way. The bronze statue of Hadrian is the bronze statue of a prominent military commander.

As it holds historic military significance it is an expensive metal detector find that would be in high demand. But as per its level of significance, the Israeli government has preserved it in the museum.

The Stirling Torcs

They are jewelry items made out of gold and are about 300-100 BC old. The civilization believes and practices a ritual. They bury their stirring Torcs to praise their gods.

So, they are also the pieces holding historic and religious significance. People with similar values and beliefs, and those who appreciate these items’ beauty, are likely to be drawn to them.  

The Boot of Cortez

How much is a gold boot worth? 1.55 million dollars. At least that’s what this gold boot sold for in 2008. In 1989, an amateur gold prospector found a 389-ounce nugget in the Mexican Sonoran Desert. He used a not-so-great metal detector and it was called the Boot of Cortez. This is what I call a lucrative find!

The Mojave Nugget

It’s only fitting that the largest gold nugget ever found in the United States comes first in this list. It’s what we all hope to one day stumble across like lucky Ty Paulson in 1977 in the Mojave Desert in California.

The 156-ounce nugget was sold for $400,000 and is now sitting in the Natural History Museum in LA County.


Metal detectors can locate historical objects such as religious or sentimental items, military artifacts, or crafts. These significance and specifications add value to these finds and mark them as the most expensive metal detector finds.

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