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Metal detecting has developed from a lighthearted hobby to a treasured leisure activity beyond simple free time in today’s hectic environment. People are turning something they once considered a hobby into a passion, finding excitement, fulfillment, and the chance to learn new things daily.

This exciting activity has captured the interest of children as well as adults. As a result of bringing together people interested in this fascinating device, metal detector clubs have sprung up in developing communities.

However, people are still unfamiliar with such clubs, and we receive tons of messages like “Where can we find metal detector clubs?”. This article is intended for anyone who wants to engage with metal detector clubs.

What are metal detector clubs?

Metal-detecting clubs are communities of people where people who like metal detectors meet to share thoughts and experiences. And ofcourse, show off their finds to others.

In these metal detector clubs people from different groups and backgrounds are involved in metal detection.

They exchange their journey experiences, discuss problems related to the devices, and share advice. People of all skill levels join these clubs to learn and grow personally.

Why should we join a metal detector club?

People are taking this hobby so seriously that it has become a social activity. Metal detecting is an adventurous activity that allows you to explore much more than just detecting. Joining a metal detector club has numerous benefits that can be of great use.

For beginners:

As a beginner who is new to the hobby and eager to learn and explore the device, joining a metal-detecting club is most beneficial.

They can learn about the metal-detecting industry and how it works. They can learn the rules and regulations regarding the activity to avoid unpleasant situations that could put them at risk. 

These clubs are conveniently located in the vicinity for easy accessibility. The progress of the club members would greatly benefit from recommendations, tips, and tricks from each other.

For experts:

Experts can visit these clubs to teach beginners and share their journey. They can provide valuable advice based on their years of experience.

Experts can also benefit from metal detector clubs by gaining exposure and learning from others’ opinions, tips, and tricks.

For professionals:

Professionals can join clubs and use their expertise to effectively run them. They can sell their finds within the clubs, which might attract other members and inspire them as well.

Benefits of joining a metal detector club

Learning metal detecting skills

If you’re new, who better to help you understand the device than people who’ve been there? Metal detector clubs offer an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and techniques related to the device. You can also gain knowledge about buying the best metal detector.

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Metal detecting clubs are filled with people who have been pursuing this activity for years. You can learn a lot from their experiences, journeys, and mistakes.

They can guide you on the best ways to find metals, and may recommend books and teach you things that are not found in books.

Legal issues

Understanding the rules and regulations is crucial when engaging in metal detecting. Learning about state laws regarding this activity can help you avoid undesirable situations. Experienced club members can guide you on the legal way to practice metal detecting.

Places to find

As a beginner, you will need assistance in finding the best places to start your search with a metal detector. Experienced club members can suggest the most suitable locations.

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The place to sell or display

Metal detecting clubs are the perfect platform to display and sell your finds. Other club members will be highly interested in your discoveries. You can auction them or sell them in your preferred manner.

How to join a metal detector club

Finding a metal detector club is no longer a difficult task. Whether you are a relic hunter, gold prospector, or treasure hunter, you can easily find and join clubs of your choice within your vicinity.

List of Metal Detector Club

There are various metal detector clubs around the world. We have compiled a list of famous metal detector clubs to familiarize you with them.

United States of America

  • Coastal Empire History Hunters Association
  • Dixie Relic Recovery Club
  • Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters

United Kingdom

  • Wessex Metal Detecting Association
  • Phoenix Metal Detecting Club


  • Calgary Metal Detecting Club
  • Canadian Treasure Seekers



Metal detecting alone is good, but hunting with people who share the same interests is even better. Metal detector clubs provide you with like-minded individuals who share a passion for metal detectors.

This hobby is fascinating and adventurous, offering ample learning opportunities. You can learn new skills and techniques for metal detecting by joining clubs. 

Experts in the clubs can also give you advice on the best devices to buy and where to find them. They will guide you on the legal practices and help you avoid unpleasant situations. 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, there is no specific category for joining these clubs. You can join based on your personal preference for metal detecting. It is an excellent way to enhance your metal-detecting skills.

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