Does Aluminum Foil Block Metal Detectors?

One of the first things you will find as a beginner during detection is aluminum foil on the ground. Sometimes while searching for silver objects, you may come across other items near the target objects, such as aluminum. Aluminum has a similar conductivity to silver, making it detectable when searching for silver.

This can often lead to a lot of hassle, as when people dig underground in hopes of treasure, the last thing they want to find that is burried underground is an aluminum foil. But what if aluminum foil is covering something valuable burried underground.

We often receive this question: Do aluminum foils block metal detectors? This article covers the answer to this question for your convenience.

We will talk about blocking metals in high-end security, specifically in airports. We will also explore why people are interested in this question and its potential interpretations.

What Is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of rolled aluminum used to wrap objects, including household items. It is commonly used in cooking and to retain heat. Aluminum foil is a non-ferrous and non-magnetic metal.

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Does Aluminum Foil Block Metal Detectors?

The simple answer to this question is no. Metal detectors do not block aluminum foil if the device is properly adjusted to the appropriate settings.

If you have a metal detector with a special sensor, it can find aluminum foil. However, devices with less conductivity might not find it.

When people try to find silver objects but find aluminum instead, they get frustrated because aluminum conducts less.

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Does Aluminum Foil Block Metal Detectors From Finding Other Metallic Objects?

At airports, people sometimes use aluminum foil to hide things from customs or smuggle illegal items. Airports have high-tech metal detectors. They catch even tiny bits of aluminum, making it hard to get past them.

When security checks luggage, agents may see blank or colored items after scanning, depending on the metal. This can raise suspicion and lead to the detection of those objects.

Attention! We strongly discourage you from engaging in this activity under any circumstances. It is not recommended for your safety.

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Conclusion– Does Aluminum Foil Block Metal Detectors?

Aluminum foil does not block metal detectors, but sometimes they may not detect it due to its lower conductivity. Aluminum is a non-ferrous, non-magnetic metal. Aluminum foil is primarily used as a thin sheet to cover food and retain heat.

If your your goal is treasure hunting and you do not want to detect aluminum foil that is burried underground, then you can buy metal detector with a discrimination feature, as that will stop the metal detector from detecting any other metal other than gold.

Some people try to hide things at airports with aluminum foil, but the airport security system catches everything. It is not advisable to use aluminum foil, especially to conceal other objects, at the airport.

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