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Can Metal Detector Detect Diamond?

People who buy metal detectors have a lot of expectations from them. They are curious about their devices and want to know which metals their devices can detect.

They also want to discover different types of items, primarily valuable ones, to earn money through metal detection.

Mostly, they expect to find precious metals like gold, silver, and gemstones. However, there is confusion regarding whether metal detectors can detect diamonds or not.

Now because people mostly buy metal detectors to hunt for gold treasure and old relics, people expect metal detectors will be able to detect them all, now whether or not thats true lets find out:

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are one of the most purest forms of carbon. When pressure and heat are applied, carbon transforms into a diamond. Diamonds are the most challenging material found in nature and are the most desirable and uncommon gemstones.

Can Metal Detector Detect Diamond? Why is it so confusing

Diamonds are precious items, and people are unsure whether metal detectors can detect them.

Non-Metallic Nature of Diamonds:

As a non-metallic element diamonds lack metallic properties. They do not exhibit magnetism or conductivity to the extent it is observed in metals. This creates confusion regarding whether metal detectors can detect diamonds or not.

High Value:

Diamonds are costly and used in jewelry. Due to their value and expense, people desire to find diamonds using metal detectors.

Manufacturer Claims:

Many manufacturers confuse people by claiming that their devices can detect diamonds. It is difficult to know if the product information in the market is accurate and truthful because of conflicting viewpoints.

In short, metal detectors cannot detect diamonds or any gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

This is because gemstones are non-metallic compounds, and metal detectors cannot detect rocks. Diamonds do not respond to electromagnetic fields, making them impossible to detect.

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Rare Occasions when Metal Detectors can Detect Diamonds

There are rare occasions when a metal detector can detect diamonds. For example, you may come across instances on the internet where someone found a diamond ring using a metal detector.

This occurs when the frame of the diamond ring is made of metallic materials such as gold, platinum, or silver. In such cases, a metal detector can easily detect the metallic frame. 

Similarly, there are other jewelry items made of diamonds and metals that can be found using a metal detector.

In places where gold is found, there is also a chance of finding diamonds or other gemstones. If the diamond is attached to gold, it can be detected. Otherwise, diamonds without any metallic nature cannot be detected.

Fraudulent Technology for Diamonds and Gemstones:

Many people ask us: Is there a diamond detector? Some manufacturers claim that their devices are diamond and gemstone detectors.

Their devices now have categories for searching gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. However, these devices fall into the category of long-range detectors and are based on fraudulent technology.

These devices do not work at all, and their demand in the market is solely due to deceptive marketing.

There is no authentic technology available for detecting diamonds underground. Avoid buying devices that claim to detect diamonds and gemstones, as they are fraudulent and useless.

Ground Penetrating Radar Technology for Diamonds:

GPR systems provide information about the ground structure used in mining. They can detect anomalies in the ground and provide signals indicating whether they are metallic or non-metallic. Data analysis yields a wealth of information about the ground.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) can be the only legitimate way to find diamonds or any other gemstone. However, there are some important points to consider.

Difficult to Use:

Due to the sophisticated technologies employed, GPRS is not simple to use. It may not be easily understandable for non-specialists. GPRS is mainly for experts and people with technical knowledge, like geologists and geophysicists.


These devices are costly and beyond the means of ordinary people, including those who own metal detectors. Purchasing Ground Penetrating Radar systems requires thousands of dollars.


Using these devices is a complex process. Conducting a survey requires gathering large quantities of data. For instance, if you plan to mine in two locations, you must conduct surveys at both sites and subsequently analyze the data.

Therefore, GPRs are more complicated in terms of both the process and usage compared to an average metal detector.

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Conclusion– Can metal detector detect diamond

Metal detectors cannot detect diamonds because diamonds are not made of metal and do not have metal qualities. Metal detectors are incapable of finding diamonds or any gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. 

However, there are cases when metal detectors can detect diamonds. If a diamond is attached to a metal, such as in a diamond ring, a metal detector can detect it.

Some manufacturers falsely claim that their devices can detect diamonds or gemstones. but in reality, this is fraudulent. No devices currently exist that can detect diamonds.

We expect that by now you have all the information you need to make an educated decision whether or not to buy a metal detector to hunt for diamonds. While there is a chance that you can find a diamond if it is attached to a metal like Gold or Silver. It is not a guarantee.

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