Best Places To Metal Detect For Old Coins 

When I first got into metal detecting, I didn’t realize how quickly I would run out of places where I could look for finds, mostly old coins. After extensively searching my yard, my local beach, and even my parents’ yard, I didn’t know where else to go.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of metal detecting, not just in my yard, and I’ve compiled a list of the best places to metal detect for old coins.

This article will discuss some of the best places to metal detect old coins. We will cover everything from how to choose the right equipment to where to look for treasures. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced treasure hunter, be sure to read on for some helpful advice.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best places to metal detect for old coins, and how to maximize your chances of actually finding them.

We will cover everything, like what kind of metal detector and equipment you should use to look for treasure, which will be beneficial for you wether you are a seasoned treasure hunter or new to the hobby like many of our readers.

What are old coins?

Coins are used as currency or for their metal content, allowing them to be easily traded and stored in a compact form. Over time, these coins become old and gain historical value, and these types of coins are known as “old coins.”


The condition of old coins does not affect their value. Regardless of the type of metal, such as silver or copper, coins may become rusty over time, but their value remains the same. Additionally, if you find old coins, do not wash them as it will remove signs of their aging.

Valuation of coins:

The valuation of a coin refers to its value regardless of its composition. An old coin will be worth more than a new gold or silver coin of the same size and weight.


The composition of a coin depends on the material it is made of, such as silver, gold, copper, or an alloy. The composition of the metal and the materials mixed in it determine the valuation of the coins, in addition to their age. Other metals are added to make the coins durable and non-rusty, like gold, for example.


The weight of the coin is important to determine the properties of the precious metal inside it. Whether the coin is smaller or larger, it always enhances its value. Metals are always sold by weight. It is the second basic factor after composition.


If you have a coin that can be associated with a specific year, decade, or century, its value will be different compared to a freshly minted coin. The value of a coin increases over time.

Demand in the market:

Knowing which coins are in high demand in the market is important. For example, some collectors seek coins from the post-World War 2 or Victorian era, and their rarity makes them more valuable in the market. So, their value is determined by their demand.

In order to find more follow these Metal Detecting Tips for Coins.

Here Are The Best Places to Metal Detect For Old Coins 

There are many places to detect old coins, some of which are listed below:

Private Property:

One of the best places to detect old coins is on your property or nearby properties with permission. Many people live in very old houses.

Even if a house is only a few years old, you might find lost treasures. You can search your backyard, gardens, or private areas.

Historical Places:

These are places that have connections with royalty or spirituality. Some places may have been used for religion. They could have gold coins for different reasons.

People might leave coins behind on purpose or by accident. Old coins can be found in these places.

Abandoned Residential Areas:

These areas were inhabited in the past but are no longer populated. You can explore these areas, and the benefit is that you do not need any permission for metal detecting. You may even find relics along with old coins.

Areas of Social Gathering:

Events, concerts, and stadiums are places where people gather socially. These places have large crowds, which can provide opportunities for finding many old coins.

Popular Tourism Spots:

These spots have attracted people and tourists for years, and people may not bother to pick up lost coins. You can find many old coins in these types of areas.


If you are going on a tourism trip, be sure to take your metal detector along. It can provide you with another hobby, and you can spend plenty of time enjoying exploring new things. Be sure to buy the Best Metal Detector for Coins to improve your chances of success.

What can you do with old coins?

Create a Collection:

You can create your coin collection. Some people use this as a hobby, collecting coins and making a book of coins. It keeps them motivated and encourages them to explore and collect more.

Display a Collection:

You can display your coin collection for profit, depending on the location’s purpose where people can enjoy it, and you can earn on the side. It all depends on you.

Sell to Coin Collectors:

If you have old coins, you can sell them to coin collectors. Coin collectors are willing to pay a handsome amount for old coins.

Place in Auctions:

You can place your old coins in auctions. It is the easiest way to sell your coins, as all the coin collectors gather in one place and can bid on them. It allows you to sell your coins in one place only.

To buy the best device make sure you understand which type of metal detector technology is suitable for searching for coins.


Best Places To Metal Detect For Old Coins – In conclusion, looking for old coins with a metal detector can be super fun and rewarding for folks who love this hobby.

To make sure you find cool stuff, you need to go to the right places. Places like old parks, historical spots, empty old houses, and even beaches are great because they might hide old coins. 

Now that you understand almost everything you need to know about finding old coins using metal detectors, you can get started on researching the right equipment for this purpose.

Just remember to get any needed permission or special papers, follow the rules, and treat these places with respect. If you keep trying and don’t give up, you might find an awesome piece of history while having a blast hunting for old coins.

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