places to find treasure with metal detectors

Being a detectorist and more specifically a treasure hunter, I have explored many areas for treasure hunting. The site you choose for metal detecting plays an important role.

So if you are wondering about places to find treasure with metal detectors you have come to the right place.

You will find different objects in different locations, such as watches, coins, jewelry items, etc., across the seashore. On the other hand, you may find old historic coins, antiques, or relics on historic grounds or buildings.

People often ask me about the places I frequent for my metal detecting adventures. So in this article I have compiled a list of such places that you can metal detect in have a decent chance of finding something valuable.

One should visit those places if they want to obtain unique and valuable finds. However, they should be aware of the guidelines that should be followed before scanning such places.


The guidelines for using metal detectors vary from country to country. You should conduct the necessary legal investigation before metal detecting in an area.

You should know whether such activity is permissible in those areas or not. Breaking any of the laws or community guidelines might have serious implications as well.

best places to find treasure with metal detectors

Historic, Deteriorated, Or Demolished Buildings

Demolished and historic buildings have a high chance of containing buried valuable finds. If the building was a royal castle in the past, then there are chances of hidden treasures, coins, or antiques to be found. These finds also have historical value, which increases their worth.


Beaches are public places where the land meets the water. They are popular tourist spots where many people come for enjoyment and to spend quality time with their friends and families.

Many people lose valuable items like currency, coins, and jewelry at beaches, making it likely to find them while metal detecting.

Here are some of the best tips for metal detecting on the beach which you can read. 

Also if you have no idea about what Things can be found on beach with metal detectors then read to know. 


Like beaches, parks are also popular tourist spots. Many people visit parks and accidentally drop off their valuable belongings.

It is not necessary to do metal detecting at such places for your own sake; you can also do it to help others find their lost belongings. Before you go to those places, make sure you research and meet any requirements first.

Historical or spiritual places

Churches and temples, where people give gold coins and statues, may contain valuable items. Scanning such places is also a good option for detectorists to find valuable items.

Burial Sites

Some people bury their gold or other valuable jewelry items in burial sites. Scanning such areas can also yield good results for metal detecting.


Battlefields are areas where wars take place. These places can also contain buried antiques, weapons, badges, bullets, and other related items. Choosing such places for metal detecting is also a good option.

Private Property

You can use a metal detector on your own property, like your lawn and backyard. You can also choose someone else’s property to search for metal.

You should always take permission from the property owner before engaging in such an activity.

Abandoned Regions

Although these places may feel haunted, if you’re open to compromise, they might reward you with valuable items such as historic artifacts, metals, tools, money, jewelry, or hidden objects.

You may also find artifacts there, from which you can learn about the behavior of people living there in the past.

Sports Ground

Sports grounds are popular during events, with hundreds to thousands of visitors attending. Visitors often drop coins, metallic items, watches, or rings, which can be a win-win for you.

Near Water Bodies

In places like rivers or lakes, the chances of naturally occurring gold nuggets are high. Water bodies have been ideal places for humans for a long time. We can find ancient relics, coins, utensils, and other antiques there too.


Wrecked ships are renowned for lost goods like metal treasures. Searching underwater could lead to finding coins, gold, or jewelry. Make sure that you have the best metal detector underwater for searching shipwrecks and other water bodies.


If you follow symbols/signs, such as old trees or caves, you may find something valuable. In the past, people buried treasures near important things or noticeable objects for easy retrieval. Mountains are a good location to find gold nuggets, and hilly areas with water are also rich in antiques.

Tips To Expand Your Location Options

Ask Your Friends Openly

Ask your circle openly, communicate with your friends and family, and they will be happy to suggest locations to help you. This may also open up possibilities to search their personal properties.

Get Into History Or Geography

If you are considering multiple locations, make sure to research the history and geography of those locations.

Try Incentivization

If you know a place with treasures owned by someone else, you can share the findings or pay them. If you get a positive response, you can proceed by sharing the rewards. It will be advantageous for owners to entrust you with their land.

Social Media Platforms

Join social media platforms where metal detector enthusiasts and experts share experiences. They also recommend nearby locations. Facebook groups are particularly helpful.

Create Online events To Invite People

Create events to search or invite like-minded metal detectors. The more, the merrier.

You can also join Metal Detector Clubs to learn about various other places from different people.


Not every location will provide the items you desire. It takes time to find valuable items. On your lucky day, you may end up finding valuable things, while on some days, you may only end up digging trash.

But following this guide you can maximize your chances of finding something you might find valuable. Now keep in mind finding something valuable always comes down to chance. So there is never any guarantee no matter how much you research beforehand.

Stay motivated and always search in the areas mentioned in this article to increase your chances of success.

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