Are Metal Detectors Waterproof?

Being hydrophilic, some people always find activities that lead them to the water. Swimming is one of their favorite hobbies. Among them, when it comes to metal detecting, they want to go for this fascinating activity underwater. 

Just like you’re wondering, are metal detectors waterproof, others have the same ambiguity in their minds. Some devices aren’t waterproof.

Whether or not a Metal Detector a Metal Detector is waterproof depends on its design and construction.

Manufacturers made special metal-detecting machines that can be partly or fully waterproof. This article has got you covered regarding waterproof metal detectors.

What Are Waterproof Metal Detectors?

Waterproof metal detectors are devices capable of functioning in water. They are built for underwater metal hunting to search for treasures or shipwrecks buried deep in lakes, ponds, rivers, or even oceans and seas.

They have different depth potentials concerning the hunt. Waterproof devices are more expensive than regular metal detectors due to their advanced water technology.

Are Metal Detectors Waterproof?

Types Of Waterproofing In Metal Detectors

There are various types of waterproofing in metal detectors.

Partially Waterproof Detectors

This device has a waterproof coil, allowing half of it to work in water. The other half stays dry. They are used when water is of small quantity, such as in lakes, ponds, or rivers.

Weatherproof Detectors

Sometimes when working near water bodies or during rain, splashes of water spill on the device. When you are detecting in such an environment with chances of water, go for a weatherproof device. It can save your device from being damaged by the splashes of water.

Completely Waterproof Detectors

A device where the whole machine is waterproof, from the coil to the control unit and the handle. It is used for scuba diving but at a certain limit.

Underwater Metal Detector

If you are a water lover, then you must be eager to detect deep in the water for treasure detection or to find metals in shipwrecks and ancient remains. Such activity is possible through underwater metal detectors for hunting deep-water metals.

Here are the Best Metal Detector Underwater available in the market.

What Can You Do With A Completely Waterproof Metal Detector?

If you are a professional detectorist and dive regularly, you may consider purchasing a waterproof metal detector.

But if you are a hobbyist and rarely go for water detecting, then you should not invest in such an expensive device.

They cost an arm and a leg, which might not be suitable unless you become a professional at it. Many metal detectors are waterproof and can help detect objects in water.

Can You Use A Metal Detector In The Rain?

Weatherproof devices are built specifically for rain when your device can get showers of water. With such a device, you can peacefully hunt even in the rain.

Although exposing your device to heavy rain might result in damage, be careful when the weather is not favorable. Use device covers or raincoats, even for the metal detector.

On the other hand, you could also search after rain, as experts recommend that the soil after rain gives better results of the presence of metals.

Does Water Affect The Metal Detector?

In partially waterproof devices, if you are not careful enough and the water reaches the control unit, it can affect the device in a bad way.

Although the device is less likely to be affected by waterproof technology, it’s better to be cautious than regretful. The ground balance of the water might somehow affect the device due to the instability of the device for such water-soil.

Can A Metal Detector Detect In Water?

The waterproofing function in metal detectors has been set up to detect metals in the water. Many precious metals have been recovered from shipwrecks found in the depths of the sea. Several jewelry pieces are found by experts during scuba diving.

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Tips To Get The Best Waterproof Metal Detectors

Check Value For Money

Check the monetary value of the device before spending a penny on it. Examine the features and functions along with waterproofing. Do not pay if the device is not worth the money, as waterproof metal detectors are greatly expensive.

Depth Potential

Depth potential in the water is also required according to the place and device. Choose the coils that suit your requirements the best. The bigger the coil, the more depth it provides.

To get an idea about the depth capability of devices read this Metal Detector Depth Comparison Chart.

Submerging Depth Of Device

The submerging depth of the device is also an important feature to look for when buying a waterproof metal detector. A user must know how deep the device can submerge in the water.

Availability Of Headphones

The availability of waterproof headphones is also important. There can be various noises inside the water that might distract you from recognizing the sound of the detectors. Wearing headphones inside the water keeps you concentrated on the target object.

Weight Of Device

The weight of the device should be light so that it’s easy to carry in the water. It will not be easy to carry a heavy load in the water.

Here is everything you need to know  About the lightest metal detectors.

Other Accessories To Consider

Other accessories include a screen protector, extra batteries, a flashlight, a metal detecting kit, etc.

Conclusion – Are metal detectors waterproof

Metal detectors are specifically designed to work in the water. Partially waterproof metal detectors consist of a waterproof coil, and other parts should not be submerged in the water.

You can use a waterproof detector for scuba diving, searching for treasure in the sea, and finding ancient metals in shipwrecks. Professionals should invest in such a device for water detection often.

A waterproof detector is an expensive machine and is not recommended for beginners or hobbyists. Before making a big investment in a waterproof metal detector, it’s important to consider a few factors. Choose a suitable device and examine the required depth, weight, and additional accessories.

Now that you have relevant information about whether or not metal detectors are waterproof you can choose a metal detector that suits your need accordingly. Be sure to check the Ingress Protection Rating on the metal detector you choose.

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