Are Metal Detectors Safe?

Metal detectors are special devices designed to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other items buried underground. Metal detectors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

As they work based on conductivity, they release a radiation field into the ground, which helps locate the target items.

Multiple environmental hazards are mainly caused by radiation either entering the earth or being released by a few toxic substances.

While some conspiracy theories claim that metal detectors are also contributing factors to these hazards and release harmful radiation, these confusing explanations cause people to ponder whether metal detectors are safe.

Are Metal Detectors Safe? Why People Are Concerned About Safety?

It is a known fact that metal detectors operate based on electromagnetic induction by emitting rays into the earth’s surface to locate the target items.

There are many confusing theories available on the internet claiming that metal detectors contribute to emitting harmful radiation similar to that which causes contagious diseases.

According to calculations, analysis, and observations by the World Health Organization (WHO), any device or object emitting low levels of electromagnetic radiation, like metal detectors do, does not have serious impacts on human life or the body. 

Such electromagnetic radiation is always around us, as the planet itself emits it, but it is not harmful.

Metal detectors used for security purposes, such as walk-through gates, are frequently found at high-profile locations like airports, ministries, malls, etc. This often makes people wonder whether it is safe for them to go through them or if it will cause any damage to the body since they emit radiation. 

However, according to WHO explanations, there is nothing to worry about, as such radiation is always around the human body and does not cause any serious damage.

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Battery Safety Hazards and Manufacturer’s Guidance

While metal detectors do not have serious effects on human lives, they pose risks in terms of handling the batteries they operate on.

Therefore, these metal detectors either have rechargeable batteries or are recommended to use 5V or 3Amp batteries to prevent any serious issues that could lead to the explosion of the device or battery, resulting in damage.

However, these minor hazards can be easily avoided by reading the manual provided with the device at the time of purchase. The manual contains all the information regarding the device and its operating features. 

So, the guidance provided by the manufacturers plays an equally important role in saving and securing the device and lives.

Environmental Hazards and Metal Detecting

To ensure a safe and secure metal detecting journey, there are a few steps that should be adopted to avoid damage caused by environmental hazards such as wild animals and mosquitoes.

It is often recommended by manufacturers, experts, and professionals to wear socks, and gloves, and use mosquito safety lotions.

Additionally, safety gear, water bottles, and food items should be used to avoid dehydration or any interruptions to your journey that could make you quit or lose your targets.

Target Objects Related Hazards

Apart from environmental hazards, there are a few hazards related to the target objects. It is often recommended to wear strong gloves while operating in any war zone.

Conducting metal detection in such areas poses the possibility of detecting explosive objects like underground bombs and mines.

If such objects or materials are detected in that zone, it is suggested to stop digging immediately and inform the authorities to avoid complications and protect yourself and your surroundings from the impacts of such hazards.

Are Metal Detectors Safe During Pregnancies and for Babies or Infants?

As per the above explanation, numerous conspiracy theories exist that put forward confusing claims regarding the workings of metal detectors.

Many pregnant women avoid using metal detectors in the form of walk-through gates during their pregnancies due to these theories.

However, the WHO has clearly claimed that metal detectors are safe for pregnant women, as they do not have any serious effects on the human body that could impact their pregnancies. 

Similarly, women hesitate to use walk-through gates while holding their babies and infants for the same reason.

It is claimed that no harmful radiation is emitted by metal detectors; they only emit light radiation to detect the presence of any metal or prohibited objects.

They do not penetrate deep into the body or skin, which could result in serious consequences, so they are considered safe.

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Conclusion – Are Metal Detectors Safe?

The question of whether metal detectors are safe is a prominent source of confusion for many people, primarily due to the confusing theories and explanations available on the internet. 

World Health Organization (WHO), the largest organization in this field, has claimed and approved metal detectors as secure for the masses. They do not emit any harmful radiation that causes contagious diseases.

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